Stars over The Botanics at Glasgow Botanic Gardens

The Astronomical Society of Glasgow have organised an evening of stargazing. They are the largest Astronomical Society in Scotland and they are dedicated in their mission to promote an interest in astronomy. They have been on this mission for over 100 years. The date for the event is the 11th October 2016 with a start time of 7.30pm and ending at 9pm. The tickets cost £4 for adults and £2 for children. Tickets are available to purchase on the gate with the gate opening at 7.15pm.

This event typically occurs on a monthly basis with space for 40 stargazers each time.

Astronomers are on hand to operate the telescopes and ensure everyone gets to see some really fantastic stuff, like craters on the moon, the distant stars or the planets. These guys know their stuff and if there is something interesting to see they will be sure to find it and explain what you can see. If the weather favourable and we have clear skies then it will be an outdoor affair but worry not if the clouds or rain appears as there are lectures and talks prepared to be held inside the Botanic Gardens Kibble Palace where software is available for you to experience a journey through the universe and see the moon close up in great detail.

If you are going along to see the stars over the Botanics and you are looking for a hotel in Glasgow, check out The Belhaven Hotel. Situated in Glasgow’s West End just a short walk from Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The hotel has recently been refurbished to the highest standards and offers luxury affordable accommodation in a prime location. Contact the hotel direct to book for the best rates available.

Proms In The Park Glasgow Green

Proms in the Park is coming to Glasgow Green on Saturday 10th September at 7.30pm and it is set to be a night to remember. With Proms in the Park taking place at various locations throughout the UK including a live link with London’s Hyde Park venue, audiences come together to enjoy the final night.

At the Glasgow Green event, your show will be presented by BBC Scotlands radio presenter Jamie MacDougall. The event brings performances from Gary the tank commander, KT Tunstall, Greg McHugh, Leah MacRae, Karen Cargill, Collabro and the BBC Scottish symphony orchestra conducted by Stephen Bell. With all of these performances bringing their musical talents to stage, this is a celebration of music not to be missed.

Prices for the event range from £7.50 – £15.50. If you would like to book tickets for the event then visit:

Remember that the event does take place outside so you need to come prepared for the weather! You are admitted to bringing a small chair with you if required and no alcohol is permitted. So get those wellies and waterproofs ready just in case and get set for Proms 2016!

If you are looking for a hotel in Glasgow then contact The Belhaven Hotel in Glasgow, situated in the West End of Glasgow and in an ideal location with excellent transport links. The hotel has recently been refurbished to a high standard and if you contact the hotel direct for booking you will receive the best rate for your stay.

Waverley Excursions & Scottish Days Out

PS Waverley is one of the world’s most famous boats and the last sea-going paddle steamer on the planet. The boat has been brilliantly re-established following a major restoration project in 2003.

The boat is called the Paddle steamer Waverley and was built on the Clyde. It is named after Sir Walter Scott’s first novel.

This is a special year for PS Waverley as she celebrates 70 years in operation.

There are a number of sailings through the summer and also in October. There is something for everyone onboard and magnificent views for the taking. There are numerous destinations visited by Waverley including Rothesay, Tignabruiach, Dunoon, Largs and many more, for a full list and description visit: :

Scottish Boat Trips

You can book in advance online at or by calling 0845 130 4647. Tickets can also be purchased at TIC’s in Glasgow, Glasgow Airport, Dunoon, Balloch, Ayr, Brodick, Tarbert, Oban, Portree, Isle of Bute Discovery Centre, St Columba Experience, Cumbrae Laundry, Kyle of Lochalsh.

The online timetable can be found here:

With options to suit every budget there is no excuse to get onboard and make memories aboard Waverely this summer with friends and family.

If you are planning a trip and looking for a hotel in Glasgow then look no further than The Belhaven hotel based in Glasgow. A beautiful hotel nestled in the west end of Glasgow with luxury rooms finished to the highest standard. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Belhaven Hotel to book direct for further discounted rates.

Rabbies Bus Tours

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Is your wanderlust insatiable? Do you have a yen to tour Scotland? Have you ever wondered about the real story behind the Loch Ness monster? Have you always wanted to see the famous Scottish Highlands? Do you hate travelling in big, slow groups that seem to always be making bathroom stops instead of actually seeing the sights? If so, contact Rabbie’s Bus Tours right away! Explore the Scottish countryside, the famous lochs, national parks, and a distillery or 2 by going on a Rabbie’s tour.

About Rabbie’s

Rabbie’s Bus Tours is a multi-award winning tour company that gives small, intimate tours of the United Kingdom and France, including Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. They can show you the best that northern Britain has to offer, and give you a unique experience while at it. Rabbie’s tours the country in mini-coasters with no more than 16 people per group. This smaller tour size gives tourists a better, more personal experience, with more individual attention given to each person. Traveling with fewer people is also faster and easier, meaning you get more time off the bus than on it and also more time with the local people. Additionally, the mini coasters can navigate back roads more easily than bigger buses, which means customers get a more immersive experience with more amazing views and stops.

Rabbie’s promises to introduce you to the rich culture and history of the places you visit, as well as to the people. Customers get a unique, locally flavored narration of the legends that envelop the country, making the entire journey a memorable experience. Their guides are locals who can give personal flavors to the entire tour.

Explore Glasgow

Rabbie’s has a few different bus tours departing from Glasgow. The half-day tours are for those wanting to see the highlights of the city itself and want to experience its people, culture, and know the story behind the story. It covers some of the city’s most famous landmarks, including Glasgow Cathedral, Provand’s Lordship, Pollok House, and the Kelvingrove Museum. On this tour, people can visit the Old Town as well as Glasgow’s famous museums and galleries. Another half-day tour is that of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National park and the Glengoyne Whisky Distillery, and also includes stops at the River Clyde and the Balloch County Park.

The ‘Scotland in a day’ tour is perfect for those wanting to experience a taste of the Highlands and see Nessie. The itinerary includes visits to the magnificent Rannoch Moor and the intense Glencoe. There is also a boat cruise on the world-famous Loch Ness, as well as a stop at the Loch Lomond. Other one-day Glasgow tours are to

Stirling Castle, Loch Lomond, and the Whiskey Distillery

Oban, Glencoe, the Highland Lochs, and the Kilchurn Castle

The Culzean Castle, Burns County, and the Ayrshire Coast

Rabbie’s also has 3-day tours from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye and the Isle of Arran.

No matter what your time constraint, if you want to explore the majestic landscape and history that Scotland has to offer, Rabbie’s Bus Tours is one of your best options!

All Belhaven guests will receive a 10% discount off all tours, please enquire at check in.

World Pipe Band Championships

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The World Pipe Band Championships is one of the most prestigious piping competitions in the world. With all of the extra attractions, it can be fun for the entire family!

If you think of Scotland, you probably imagine rolling green landscapes, centuries-old castles, and bagpipe players in tartan kilts. Kilts are the national dress bagpipes the national instrument; as such, they hold an important place in Scottish history. This is brought to the fore in the annual World Pipe Band Championships, which is exactly what it sounds like. Pipe players from all over the world come to Scotland every August, since 1930, to compete for the title. It is held in association with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and usually takes place in the Glasgow Green. The park is located on the east end of the city of Glasgow, on the northern bank of the River Clyde. Dating back to the 15th century, the Glasgow Green is the oldest park in the city. This year, the Worlds is being held on August 12th and 13th. Before you actually attend or watch the competition, however, you may be wondering what exactly it is. We’ve gathered the most important information for you below!

About the Bands
Pipe bands from all over the word come to compete in the Worlds, and can be of several grades. The newest players compete as Novice Juveniles, a grade for children under 18 years of age. While there is no maximum, there is a minimum number of people who can perform in a pipe band, which depends on the grade they are performing in. Additionally, although it might be the stereotypical image, not all bands wear tartan and kilts. The dress code only indicates that they should be dressed uniformly, which may include their country’s national dress.

The Competition
Generally, all bands must perform an ‘MSR’ and a Medley. And MSR is a set comprising of 3 traditional tunes: a March, a Strathspey, and a Reel. The Medley is a piece that showcases the band’s innovation and creativity, as each plays a unique piece that they have composed themselves. Additionally, when competing, the bands perform in circular formations, facing inwards. The competition is arbitrated by 4 judges: one who judges the entire ensemble, one who focuses on the drums, and two who pay close attention to the pipers. All judges are experienced musicians who have been certified by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.

The competition is not only for bands, however. There is also one for solo performs, the esteemed Drum Major competition. In this, competitors are judged on their dress and bearing in addition to their musical aptitude.

The Worlds concludes with a March Past, where every band forms a procession to salute The World’s Chieftain. There is also the awesome spectacle of every single pipe in the competition performing in harmony!

Other Activities
You might be wondering what else there is to do at a piping competition. On Saturday, the program includes a Scottish Food Festival that showcases local produce and cuisine. There is also The World Highland Games competition and the World Highland Dancing Championships. Additionally, the Kid’s Zone includes face painting, gaming consoles, arts and crafts, sports, a play bus, and storytelling.

Top Tips Staying At Hotels With Children

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Taking the kids away on an overnight? Wow well done on taking the first step and making that booking! Let me start by saying hotel stays with children are not easy however with the right preparation, organisation and mindset, it can be fun for all. Here are my top tips to keep you sane while on an overnight stay with children:

1. Phone ahead – if you choose to book online as most of us do these days then give the hotel a call before you make that commitment. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any requirements and make sure the hotel can meet your needs.

2. Book a family room, suite or interconnecting rooms – you will need space! Travelling as a family requires a lot more baggage especially if you have a baby. You may be bringing a travel cot, nappies, wipes and toys. The more space you can get within your budget the better.

3. Bring your own travel cot – If this is an option for you, I highly recommend you bring your own travel cot and bedding. Your baby/toddler will be used to sleeping in there and you will be more likely to get a sleep yourself if the baby is comfortable and secure.

4. Safety – When I first enter my hotel room I have my husband watch the kids while I go round and check for any safety issues. We all know toddlers and babies are in and about everything they can get their little hands on so be extra careful since you are in a new environment.

5. Bring Snacks and toys/entertainment – Ok so kids and snacks go hand in hand. Once in the room and relaxed allow the kids to chill out with some snacks and play with toys or have a small amount of time on electronics. This is really helpful especially if you have a busy schedule planned for the remainder of your stay.

6. Bring books or electronics for yourself – once the kids are asleep and you fancy some time to yourself, putting on the television may not be an option especially with light sleepers. Try watching some youtube or read a book/magazine.

7. Find out what’s in the local area for kids – Have a look online or ask at the hotel before you go. If you can book near to a big park this will help the kids burn off all their energy and hopefully have a great night sleep in the hotel.

8. Relax – We all have an image of a family getaway being lovely and special however when in the moment we can be swept away with the stress that comes along with overnight stays and children. Try to be mindful and expect the unexpected, prepare for overtired kids, arguments the lot. In the end, it will all be worth it!

Well there you have it. Don’t be put off booking with kids. You can create some lovely memories and share some fantastic experiences during overnight stays. Follow these top tips to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Why It’s Best To Book Your Hotel Direct

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Are you looking for a hotel in Glasgow’s West End? Do you want to book your hotel for the cheapest rate available?

Let’s look at the best way to make a reservation…

Book direct with the hotel

This option can save you money when booking your hotel especially for last minute deals. If you call the hotel directly you are able to speak to a member of staff and you can be sure you will receive the best available rate. You can also get a sense of the hotels ambiance and customer service in place by actually speaking with someone.

Booking direct on the hotels own website is also a great way to book a discounted hotel room. Some hotels will have promotions on their websites which will not be found on booking engines. I personally booked a hotel last minute by contacting the sales department and asking for their best rate. I was given 10% off of the price which was mentioned on the website. It does work! I recommend the next time you are going to book a hotel in Glasgow you try this, what do you have to lose?

Glasgow Student Guide

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So you are coming or thinking of coming to Glasgow to Study? Good choice! Did you know that Glasgow is one of Europe’s most vibrant and accessible city. It is so simple to jump on reliable public transport to take you to not only it’s great cinemas, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, galleries, shopping and theatres but also easily accessible for students to access the rest of Scotland, Glasgow is literally offering Scotland on your doorstep!

We don’t want to bore you with how great our Universities and colleges are as you already probably know this! So let’s take a look at what Glasgow has to offer you out with University.


Did you know that throughout the year there are a number of festivals including the Celtic Connections in January, the Glasgow Film Festival in February, a Comedy Festival in March, an Art Fair in April, a Carnival Festival in June, an International Piping Festival in August and Winter Fest in November and December?


As you probably already know, Glasgow has many pubs and clubs that cater to a wide range of tastes (if not all tastes!). The West End of Glasgow is very popular among students offering many different places to eat and drink. Places like Byres Road and Ashton Lane have become hubs for students studying in the west end. You need to be at least 18 to get into most pubs and clubs in Glasgow, but for some, you need to be 21. You must be over 18 to buy alcohol in a pub or a shop. It is illegal to drink alcohol on the streets.


With regards to eating out, Glasgow caters to a wide range of tastes and budgets. There are many restaurants and cafes to choose from. Whatever your taste, from Indian to Thai, Greek to Mongolian you are sure to find it in Glasgow.


Glasgow is a shopper’s paradise and is the 2nd only to London for retail. Glasgow’s main shopping area is along Buchanan Street which has been voted one of the world’s top retail destinations. You can shop at major high street stores, smaller boutiques, department stores and a wide variety of speciality shops, including craft and antique shops. There are also a number of large shopping malls within an easy travelling distance of the city centre.


At the Belhaven Hotel Glasgow, we offer great accommodation specifically designed for students or families of students looking to attend a Glasgow University or simply looking to come to explore Glasgow and its Universities further.

We are ideally located within walking distance to Glasgow University and have great access to the University Of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian campuses.

The Scottish Wedding Show in the SECC Glasgow

The Scottish Wedding Show in the SECC Glasgow is the ultimate showcase for anyone in the midst of wedding planning and will make its welcome return to the SECC on 20-21 February 2016, unveiling a whole new look.

The show is always a busy event & usually draws big crowds, it is a fantastic way to get loads of great ideas for your wedding as well as a amazing opportunity to meet lots of suppliers. From top hats and tiaras to bagpipes and pearls, not a single detail will be overlooked at The Scottish Wedding Show, where you can find the perfect combination for you and your partner.

The Scottish Wedding Show will also play host to the wedding show catwalk, featuring the largest collection of bridalwear in Scotland and wonderful outfits to entice the Groom, Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids. From high street names to top designers, they will all be there showcasing magnificent outfits for brides, grooms and the bridal party.

Tickets start at £10, and tickets are available for groups of 4. Make sure you book your tickets for the show nice & early as they usually sell out quick!

While we take every opportunity to ensure the details for The Scottish Wedding Show are accurate, we always advise that you contact the event organiser before setting out for the event to avoid disapointment.

The Belhaven hotel is in a prime location to the SECC (10 minute car journey) making it the ideal hub for you and your partner to take full adavantage of it’s offerings!

While staying at the hotel why not talk to our wedding coordinator to discuss our wedding accomodation packages. Our bespoke accommodation offer exclusive use of the hotel and cafe for up to 36 guests including breakfast. We can include a champagne welcome, gifts on arrival, and complimentary tea and coffee with fresh cakes and biscuits. We are happy to provide nearly anything on request. Please visit our wedding accomodation page for more details.


Top 5 Wedding Venues Glasgow

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Wedding Accommodation Glasgow

Glasgow has so many great wedding venues catering for a wide range of tastes. From beautiful architectural historic churches to trendy and unique settings.

With this in mind the Belhaven Hotel Glasgow will take a look at the top 5 Glasgow wedding venues and discuss these in a little more detail to help you choose Glasgow as your location of choice for your special day.

1. Cottiers

Originally Dowanhill Parish Church, Cottiers is situated in the heart of Glasgow’s West End is known for it’s intricate decoration and beautifully appointed stained glass windows. With it’s stunning exteriors, featuring the illuminated church steeple and set within mature gardens, making it one of the most charming wedding venues in Glasgow.

2. Òran Mór

Òran Mór is a unique venue, offering stunning facilities for a wedding ceremony or civil partnership ceremony. Within the converted church, the Auditorium and Gallery are both ideal for ceremonies and the Private Dining Room can be used for more intimate wedding gatherings.

Beneath the celestial ceiling mural by Alasdair Gray, one of Scotland’s largest pieces of public art, guests can enjoy our fine Scottish food and impeccable service which has put us on the map as one of Glasgow’s leading venues.

3. The Barony, University Of Strathclyde

One of Strathclyde’s finest buildings, the historic Barony Hall is perfect if you’re looking for a stunning, city centre venue with a touch of class. The beautifully restored red sandstone building dates back to 1889 and is based on the Gerona Cathedral.

The Barony Hall is a very popular choice for weddings. The stunning surroundings provide a spectacular and unique location for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The hall is suitable for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

4. Glasgow University

Over five centuries of history and heritage combine with one of the most renowned and architecturally impressive landmarks in Scotland to offer you the ideal setting for your wedding reception. Majestic sweeping staircases, lovely wood panelled suites and grand Victorian Halls with singular and unpretentious indoors architecture, are all the order of the day at the University of Glasgow. As soon as your guests enter the special and thrilling ambience of the University of Glasgow they will undoubtedly feel that they have been invited to something quite unique.

5. House for an Art Lover

No one can imagine a more gorgeous and lovely place for a Scottish wedding than House for an Art Lover. Sitting in Bellahouston Park, this Mackintosh inspired building -once voted as one of the 50 best wedding venues in the UK by the Independent Newspaper- will undoubtedly be the ideal venue to create romantic memories to cherish forever.

Wedding Accommodation Glasgow

For the ultimate in convenience and attention to detail, the Belhaven Hotel has designed the perfect wedding accommodation package. Our wedding accommodation package is a one of a kind experience by providing bespoke accommodation during your wedding with exclusive use of the hotel and cafe for up to 36 guests.

For more information please have a look at our wedding accommodation.

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