Top Tips Staying At Hotels With Children

12th July 2016 By News Comments Off

Taking the kids away on an overnight? Wow well done on taking the first step and making that booking! Let me start by saying hotel stays with children are not easy however with the right preparation, organisation and mindset, it can be fun for all. Here are my top tips to keep you sane while on an overnight stay with children:

1. Phone ahead – if you choose to book online as most of us do these days then give the hotel a call before you make that commitment. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any requirements and make sure the hotel can meet your needs.

2. Book a family room, suite or interconnecting rooms – you will need space! Travelling as a family requires a lot more baggage especially if you have a baby. You may be bringing a travel cot, nappies, wipes and toys. The more space you can get within your budget the better.

3. Bring your own travel cot – If this is an option for you, I highly recommend you bring your own travel cot and bedding. Your baby/toddler will be used to sleeping in there and you will be more likely to get a sleep yourself if the baby is comfortable and secure.

4. Safety – When I first enter my hotel room I have my husband watch the kids while I go round and check for any safety issues. We all know toddlers and babies are in and about everything they can get their little hands on so be extra careful since you are in a new environment.

5. Bring Snacks and toys/entertainment – Ok so kids and snacks go hand in hand. Once in the room and relaxed allow the kids to chill out with some snacks and play with toys or have a small amount of time on electronics. This is really helpful especially if you have a busy schedule planned for the remainder of your stay.

6. Bring books or electronics for yourself – once the kids are asleep and you fancy some time to yourself, putting on the television may not be an option especially with light sleepers. Try watching some youtube or read a book/magazine.

7. Find out what’s in the local area for kids – Have a look online or ask at the hotel before you go. If you can book near to a big park this will help the kids burn off all their energy and hopefully have a great night sleep in the hotel.

8. Relax – We all have an image of a family getaway being lovely and special however when in the moment we can be swept away with the stress that comes along with overnight stays and children. Try to be mindful and expect the unexpected, prepare for overtired kids, arguments the lot. In the end, it will all be worth it!

Well there you have it. Don’t be put off booking with kids. You can create some lovely memories and share some fantastic experiences during overnight stays. Follow these top tips to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.